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Hon-Kan: Guest Rooms
Hon-Kan has hot spring facilities that are available only for the overnight guests including 'Midori-yu' and family baths, as well as a number of banquet and meeting rooms. They are suitable for both families and business groups.

Hana-Kan: Guest Rooms
Hana-Kan is located in the middle of the whole facility site and has a convenient access to all areas. Enjoy the luxurious atmosphere with the sober interior.

The Hermitage Floor: Guest Rooms
“The Hermitage – The apogee of peacefulness and pleasure”. Hermitage Floor has an exclusive lounge with free soft drinks and internet access. All of our refined executive rooms come with a half open-air bathroom.

The Grace Floor: Guest Rooms
Grace Floor rooms are luxuriously appointed with a black-themed entrance and combine Oita’s local arts and crafts with modern sophistication. Decorative motifs from the bamboo crafts of Beppu and Ontayaki ceramics of Hita (Oita) welcome you. All of our refined executive rooms come with a half open-air bathroom. The Grace Floor is designed for our guests to luxuriate in comfort.

The Good Time Floor: Guest Rooms
This is a special floor that offers the best use of facilities and services for three-generation families as they can be comfortable as possible.

The Ceada Floor: Guest Rooms
These are 15 luxurious rooms based on the concept of 'Spa the Ceada.' with two basic designs called 'Oriental Modern' and 'Natural Modern,' all the furniture, interior decorations, and lightings are carefully chosen. Comfort and convenience of high-class hotels like designer Ryokans are seemingly combined to ensure a relaxing space and give your trip an extra special quality.