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Introduction to the attraction of Tanayu

Hot spring facilities are available not only for overnight guests but also for drop-bys.

' Tanayu' - an open-air hot spring bath with a magnificent view -
The observation baths overlooking a panoramic view of Beppu Bay
'Tanayu,' an open-air hot spring bath with a superb view, consists of a complex of tubs spreading out in five tiers like rice terraces. It commands a magnificent and an expansive view of Beppu Bay and the night view of the town, as well as the view of Sadamisaki Cape in Shikoku in the distance.
Both men's and women's section of Tanayu consist of five tiers.
  • The first tier (on the top) is an indoor bath sectioned by a glass wall.
  • The second tier (half open-air) has a peaked roof so you can enjoy the view even in the rain.
  • The Third tier (Open-air) is the widest and largest of the five tiers
  • The Fourth tier (Open-air) is connected to bower with a footbath.
  • The edge of the Fifth tier (Open-air) is the place where you can enjoy a lie-down bathing.


Barrel Bath
You can relax in a bathtub of 150-inch diameter barrel, made of natural hinoki cypress.
Aroma Bath
Enjoy aromatherapy in the aroma bath. The aroma changes by season.
Observation Sauna
Work up a good sweat and refresh yourself from inside, while commanding an extensive view of Beppu Bay.
Powder Booth
The women's section is complete with a clean powder booth.