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■Opening Hours

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Menu & Price
■Body Relaxation
◆Aroma treatment
50 min. 9,000 yen
70 min. 14,000 yen
90 min. 18,000 yen
Our therapist will choose an aroma oil blended originally by Alpha three according to your condition of the day.
This treatment removes stiffness from your back to your legs and arms thoroughly.
60 min. 10,000 yen
A deep body massages only using hand techniques without oils.
■Foot Relaxation
◆Sole of foot & Below-knee
30 min. 4,500 yen
Carefully removes stiffness from bottom of your feet up to your calf.
◆Leg Relaxation
45 min. 8,000 yen
Relieves stiffness thoroughly from the bottom of your feet all the way up to your upper thigh by using our originally blended aroma oil.
■Facial Relaxation
◆Facial care
30 min. 6,000 yen
60 min. 12,000 yen
A facial treatment course using SUE, exclusive products to spa. It builds up the skin’s defense against UV exposure, damage and stress.
■Package Menu
70 min. 15,000 yen
Relieves stiffness in your back thoroughly by aroma body treatment and treats your face using Argan oil with high anti-aging effects. You can look forward to stretching and lifting your facial skin and muscles. This quick and satisfying course is very popular among women.
80 min. 16,000 yen
A rich-perfumed scrub made of rose exfoliates the dead skin cells and lets your body shine. After the scrub treatment, your body is treated from shoulders to feet with a fast-absorbing aroma oil to make you feel refreshed. Lastly, a head massage relieves eye fatigue and stiffness in your neck. This course will alleviate tension and invite you to an advanced state of relaxation.
100 min. 20,000 yen
Kucha (mud stone from Okinawa), rich in mineral from Okinawa’s seabed, is applied to your entire body. After relaxing and warming up your body with faint electric currents, your body is fully treated with aroma oil. The effect of “Kucha” will revitalize your body.
130 min. 27,000 yen
First we treat your body with a scrub or Kucha and then continue thoroughly with an aroma body treatment. After your face will be treated with Argan oil to revitalize the skin. Finally the course completes with a soothing head massage. This package is an indulging treat that allows you to take your sweet time and relieve yourself of stress and daily fatigue.

※Prices above are before Japan's consuption tax.