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Our company, as a member of the Orix group’s coordinated efforts, responds to various requests by its customers and provides the highest quality services, and strives to establish a strong trust with its customers. For this reason, we treat our customers’ personal information as a critical resource, and acquire the information lawfully and fairly, and use, monitor, and maintain the information as indicated below. This document provides an explanation on how personal information is protected as required by law, and how our company handles personal information, and publicizes the objectives for the use of personal information.

• Objectives for Use of Personal Information
Our customers’ personal information is used for the following objectives. Our company does not use the personal information beyond the boundaries necessary to meet the use objectives without the permission of the customers.

1. For the purpose of appropriately responding to a request for services provided by our company, such as lodging, meals, weddings, or product sales.
2. To introduce our company, Orix Group companies, and other companies’ products and services by direct mail, electronic mail and telephone.
3. For market analysis, in order to provide improved products and services to meet customer satisfaction.
4. To manage various aspects of the business as necessary.
5. For joint use with Orix Group companies.
If we use your personal information for objectives other than what is stated above, we will state the objective of use clearly and will obtain pre-authorization from the customer.

• Joint Use of Personal Information
As Orix Group is under consolidated management, we respond to the many requests of our customers through the group’s coordinated efforts, and as a result, the customer data maintained by our company is jointly used by Orix Group companies in accordance with the following.

1. Joint users: Companies under the Orix Group
These include the Orix Group Corporation companies that share a consolidated balance sheet and affiliated companies accounted for by the equity method. The main companies in the group are posted under “List of Group Companies.” *The particular companies are subject to change.
2. The Use Objectives of the Joint Users. The joint users will use the personal information with the following objectives.
(a) In order to manage any business operations, such as, seizing of risks of our company and companies under the Orix Group.
(b) In order to do marketing analysis and development of products and services to provide improved products and services to our customers.
(c) In order to introduce and provide information on the products or services of the companies of the Orix Group.
3. Personal data used by the joint users: name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, transaction information, and any necessary subjects indicated for “The Use Objectives of the Joint Users.”

4. The responsible party that manages the personal data is: Suginoi-Hotels Corporation,Kankaiji 1, Beppu, Oita, 874-0822
• Providing Personal Information to a Third Party
We will not provide or display personal data that we maintain to a third party without the permission of the customer. However, we will provide or display personal data without the permission of the customer in the following cases.
(a) If it complies with the law.
(b) If it is necessary to protect a person’s life, health, or resources (including a corporate body’s resources), and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the customer.
(c) If it is necessary for public health or for promoting the health of children, and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the customer.
(d) If it is necessary to cooperate with those who are assigned to follow the law in accordance with national or local governmental bodies, and it is difficult to obtain the permission of the customer.
In times where there is the risk of causing damage to the administering of the business.

• Acquiring Personal Information
Personal information is obtained (1) directly from the customer and used as indicated on our company home page or in writing, or (2) by an Orix Group company, business partner or consignee that legally acquired the information, which is then used lawfully and justly.

• Compliance with Regulations
In order to protect personal information and safeguard it, we acknowledge that all employees should be well aware of the law regarding handling of personal information and comply with the regulations.

• Continuous Improvement of the Compliance Program
Our company will formulate a compliance program that includes personal information and will review it on a regular basis and continue to improve it.

• Protection and Management of Personal Data
Our company will establish rules within the company and each section or division will designate a compliance coordinator who will manage the personal data of the customers. In order to prevent any leaking of information to outside sources, every precaution will be made. To counteract the danger of unauthorized access from outside sources, loss, destruction or alteration of data, an appropriate and rational safety plan will be executed.

• Consigning the Handling of Personal Data
At our company, in order to provide the best service possible, we may consign our business to outside sources. In that case, all or a portion of the handling of personal data may be consigned. When selecting a consignee, we carefully evaluate the standards regarding the management of the personal data, protection of confidentiality, prevention of release of customers’ personal data, and whether the information is handled in an appropriate manner. We select the consignee based on this evaluation.
(Example of the Consignee) A service company that is necessary for business to handle information, or a direct mail distribution company.

• Disclosure, Amendment or Suspension of Use of Retained Personal Data
1. Disclosure of Retained Personal Data - A customer may request that the personal data retained by our company be disclosed to him/herself. If a customer requests the personal retained data, our company will, based on the law, without delay, respond appropriately.
2. Amendment of Retained Personal Data - If, after disclosure, the retained personal data is inaccurate, the customer may request that it be modified, added or deleted (hereinafter referred to as “amendment.” If a customer requests an amendment to the personal retained data, our company will, based on the law, without delay, respond appropriately.
3. Suspension of Use of Retained Personal Data – If we receive a request from the customer to suspend the use of their retained personal data, delete the data or stop providing it to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “suspension of use,” for the following reasons, if it is determined that such a request is justifiable, our company will, based on the law, without delay, respond appropriately.
• The customer’s retained personal data is used by our company in a manner that is not consistent with the usage objectives.
• The customer’s retained personal data used by our company was not obtained appropriately or in a lawful manner.
• The customer’s retained personal data is in violation of “Providing Personal Information to a Third Party,” indicated above.
If we receive a request for disclosure, amendment or suspension of retained personal data, we will take measures in accordance with our company’s policy to “confirm identity,” and ask the customer to follow the necessary procedures. We may ask for a handling fee. The customer should inquire at the “Personal Information Help Desk” for information regarding the procedure and the handling fee.

• Range of Application of the Privacy Policy and Links to Other Company’s Websites
In order to provide the most useful information to our customers, when visiting our company’s websites, there may be links to the home pages of other companies. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the protection of your privacy when visiting these other company websites. When clicking onto the link, please check the privacy policy of the home page that you go to.

• Personal Information Help Desk:
Orix Real Estate Corporation
General Affairs Section, Executive Management Department (handled by Suginoi-Hotels Corporation)
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 (except holidays and year-end/New Year’s) Tel: 03-3435-3946

• Renewal of Privacy Policy
This privacy policy may be renewed. Please check the last renewal date.

(Renewal date: August 1, 2010)